want to get into business?

Ever imagined quitting your 9 to 5 job and becoming your oWn boss, working your oWn hours, in the comfort of your OWN home?

What about having a consistent passive income which increases exponentially over time, allowing you to be financially independent in 5 to 10 years?

Beat the system! Live life the way you please without having to worry about the bills.

IN what we call - "the ultimate business" - , THIS is not only possible, but highly profitable in the long term! 

And the best thing is: you do not need previous knowledge to start, All you need is desire, discipline, persistence and, most important of all, a decision to succeed right now!


Everything you should know in a few words

Whats the business all about?

Will you make quick money?

How many hours a week are we talking about?

Independently distribute every day essential products from our entire range covering cleaning products through home utilities / decorations and more.

Earn a massive 25% retail profit on all your customer orders with extra volume bonuses for exceeding targets and a residual income from successful team building.

Create a loyal customer base in your neighbourhood by delivering catalogues and managing distribution of products. Online retailing Opportunities are also available for the right person.

Build a team of distributors (if you wish to) and help them to copy what you do. To do this you will need to provide the right level of passion, enthusiasm and as Les Brown so eloquently says:

Growing a business takes both time and productive effort, as well as commitment and persistence.

Income can increase exponentially, once the business is built, and when you have found and helped some key leaders that also want to build. 

Income in the early days is dependent on the amount of effort you put into the retailing side, and of course the results you get. But you are paid exactly what you are worth!

Allow at least 3 to 6 months of persistent, consistent (productive) effort working around what you already do, to minimise risk. Then grow your income to a level where you are earning at least twice what you earn from your current day job. Then you have choices, either keep doing both, or focus more on your business and reduce your day job hours.

A minimum of 10 to 15 productive hours,  committed to the business for it to grow at a healthy speed.

You are free to work as many hours a week as you want to put into the business. Your income will be directly proportional to the amount of effort that you put in, but always based on the actual results you produce. If you choose to take on the optional Team Building side, your income is then also based on how well you support, coach and mentor the people that you help to succeed, and again that is only through the results they generate. In other words by helping others to succeed you will also succeed.

Incomes can grow exponentially once the business has been built, through helping others to succeed, and there is no limit here. However don't be misled into thinking that this can be done without personal development and coaching and mentoring.

You can increase your productivity by working smart by following a duplicatable system, not just hard. Here in Ezeget you will be coached to do just that, but we will be working at your own pace as it is your business!


Who are we?

We are a rapidly growing band of entrepreneurs that have finally realised that the traditional 45 year plan that we are sold on actually is not the way to become wealthy.!

We are literally looking for thousands of Retailers, Team Leaders, Business Builders and Network Coaches, all across the United Kingdom and Ireland, to replace those that have decided to do other things. The demand for our products is exceeding all expectations and we need good people, with a strong work ethic and excellent attitude, that are determined to succeed and give excellent service.

  • Are you looking for a part or full time income opportunity? 

  • Online or home based?

  • Do you want to train for a new career

  • Earn the top paid commissions in the industry?

  • Do you want to retail top quality products?

  • Let us help you to grow a Business that I call the Ultimate Business.

We at EzeGet have a simple, proven and duplicatable system for promoting products online, or via our catalogues with no 'selling' skills required, and a powerful system for developing leaders.


All training provided online, but we will also coach and mentor you, one on one or as required.


Steve Giergiel

Network Coach


Outside working hours only


18:30 to 21:00


10:00 to 17:00

I am someone with a massive interest and passion in finding, identifying and recognising individuals with a high achievement potential and hunger, with the commitment and desire to excel in life against all odds. I work with those that have a mindset in tune with my own. I believe that if you have massive belief in yourself, that you can quite literally do anything that you set your mind to. My experience to date I think is totally unique across the Industry, and my skill set includes Mechanical Engineering, Software Engineering, even a spell in Field Sales, alongside the Development and Coaching of High Achievers at all levels. My goal is to help as many as I possibly can to be the best that they can be, whilst continuing to develop myself to also be the best that I can be.

Team Leader


Outside working hours only


18:30 to 21:00


10:00 to 17:00

Business Builders

Team Leaders

 When I retired from Insurance and Health & Safety positions I very soon realised that my monthly pension was far less than my salary - less than half to be exact and my living expenses had not changed.
 Also I had loans outstanding.
 I needed to bridge the gap...and I was making money from week 1. It was stress free...compared to my previous positions....to generate orders in my estate and those close by. Also I had to maintain no stock levels and the more times I retailed, the greater was my income.

 The flexibility of the business allows me to enjoy my retirement, help out with our six grandchildren and also have a business that ensures I have additional monthly income.
I am looking forward to going Premier and building a business that will continue to grow exponentially once its built.

My biggest regret is that I did not become aware of this 40 years ago.
 I cant change the past but I sure can improve my tomorrow.


Open positionS

Network Coaches

This could be you!



the 45 year plan

We are not told about this at school!

We are told to go to school, get some qualifications, then get a stable job, and a good solid career.

However based on an independent survey of 65 year olds that were interviewed at retirement age (whatever that is these days), here's what the statistics say.

It is most unusual these days to actually have a job for life in fact and its more likely that part way through any career, there maybe hiccups in terms of redundancy or reorganisation, that will divert you off the nice straight line shown.

Then, after 45 years, we are expected to retire having fallen off the cliff edge of income, whereby our income overnight drops by maybe 2 thirds of what it was. And we weren’t exactly well off on the full salary, so how are we expected to even survive on 1 third of it!


Our alternative plan means that you will have to give up some of your free time (if you have any) but only 10 to 15 hours a week flexibly around what you do.


However, following a duplicatable system for 5 to 10 years, working with like minded individuals, will produce an exponential curve graph, similar to the one shown. 

It will take time and effort and you may actually have to work harder on yourself than you have ever worked on anything in your life before, but it will be worth it and you will be working alongside some of the most ambitious, friendly and talented people in the industry.


Who knows? Maybe you even have some fresh innovative original ideas to bring to the party that will even speed your own journey and that of everyone associated with you!


Wealth warning!


However don’t be misled into thinking that this is an easy way to make a lot of money whilst sitting around and waiting for the pounds or euros to come through the door!


You will be tested and challenged from day one and if you have any reservations or fears about coming out of your comfort zone then maybe this is not for you. However if you are willing to have a go and give it all you have got and aim to become the best version of yourself that you can be, then maybe we need to talk.


So, what life do you choose?



If its option 1, keep in mind there are other ways of becoming financially independent. However, if you want to achieve your independence through the methodology we use here, contact us!

If its option 2, please do not feel bad. Just move on. The world is full of different people and that is what makes it so beautifully diverse. Remember: The happy things in life come from the small day to day gestures, healthy relationships and enjoying what you currently have.


the people's business

A business in which people are supported & encouraged to make an extra income, through the distribution of products, that customers want and need, including superior cleaning products for home & outdoors. 

There are hundreds of people already enjoying the warmth, connection & income of being involved with one of the newest & most dynamic companies of its kind in the UK & Ireland today.

The foundation of the Company was built around people and the spirit & partnership of working TOGETHER

Below, is a sample of the kind of every day products that we distribute. For the full range visit our web shop by clicking the Web Shop Icon below

By the way feel free to browse our products, and of course, if there's any product(s) that take your fancy (United kingdom and Ireland Only), please click to buy. Note some times the links to individual products leave you on the search screen so please search by product name. Deliveries take 48 working hours normally.

house cleaning products

Kleeneze Flat Head Mop & Bucket.jpg

Kleeneze Flat Head Mop & Bucket

Eco Bathroom

Bin Straps Pk 3.jpg

Bin Straps Pk 3

Hygiene Toilet Brush Purple.jpg

Hygiene Toilet Brush Purple

home utilities/decoration

Wi-Fi Plaque.jpg

Wi-Fi Plaque

Gold Thai Buddha Double Tealgiht.jpg

Gold Thai Buddha Double Tealgiht

Hedgehog Door Stop.jpg

Hedgehog Door Stop

Fluted LED Marker Light 10 pk.jpg

Fluted LED Marker Light 10 pk

Kitchen/cooking tools

Ceramic Hob Scraper Cleaner Professional



Plastic sink strainers 2 pk.jpg

Plastic sink strainers 2 pk

Jar and Bottle 4 in 1 opener.jpg

Jar and Bottle 4 in 1 opener

pet related products

Pet Cooling Mat.jpg

Pet Cooling Mat


Self Warming Pet Bed

Munch & Crunch Dental Sticks 7pk.jpg

Munch & Crunch Dental Sticks 7pk

Reserved for the Dog Cushion.jpg

Reserved for the Dog Cushion

Body/skin products

Angled Toe-nail scissors and clippers

Foot Powder.jpg

Foot Powder

Thistle & Black Pepper ETD.jpg

Thistle & Black Pepper ETD

Sea Kelp Hand Wash

comfort products

HOME Sparkle Throw Ochre.jpg

HOME Sparkle Throw Ochre

Star King.jpg

Star Double

HOME Sparkle Cushion Charcoal.jpg

HOME Sparkle Cushion Charcoal

Waffle Towel Bale Jive Ochre.jpg

Waffle Towel Bale Jive Ochre


turn spare time into spare cash

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MAKE an extra £50 to £500 each week from productively spending between 10 to 15 hours each week around what you already do.

The story of the eagle is amazing and we all should be able to relate to this need to change in order to develop ourselves and to survive or thrive.


For those that are just a bit curious of how to turn spare time into spare cash, and why it is still a revolution whose time has come!

When you get knocked down, just get back up again - Like this! Tyson Fury 12 months ago - WOW - Then 12 months later different story!


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The system and what's possible for anyone that has sufficient desire along with a persistent mindset

The first two key algorithms of the system of Network Marketing - Retailing and Sponsoring

The Ultimate Business Ads


Legal Disclaimer

It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.

This Site & the support system provided if you join our team is put together by an Independent Distributor

If from what you have seen already you feel comfortable to just get started straight away, the first step is always registering your contact details and submitting them. Please add a date and time for a quick phone interview bearing in mind our available times are outside of working hours. With furlough though at the moment we could work outside the specified times, so please suggest your preferred day and time slot and lets see what we can do to fit you in.   Steve and Michael are here waiting for your connection.

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