the people's business

A Retail, Network Marketing and coaching business in which people are supported & encouraged to make an extra income, through the distribution of products, that customers want and need, including superior cleaning products for home & outdoors. 

There are hundreds of people already enjoying the warmth, connection & income of being involved with one of the newest & most dynamic companies of its kind in the UK & Ireland today.

The foundation of the Company was built around people and the spirit & partnership of working TOGETHER

Below, is a sample of the kind of every day products that we distribute. For the full range visit our web shop by clicking the Web Shop Icon below

Kleeneze Flat Head Mop & Bucket.jpg

Kleeneze Flat Head Mop & Bucket

Eco Bathroom

Bin Straps Pk 3.jpg

Bin Straps Pk 3

Hygiene Toilet Brush Purple.jpg

Hygiene Toilet Brush Purple

house cleaning products

By the way feel free to browse our products, and of course, if there's any product(s) that take your fancy (United kingdom and Ireland Only), please click to buy. Note some times the links to individual products leave you on the search screen so please search by product name. Deliveries take 48 working hours normally.

home utilities/decoration

Wi-Fi Plaque.jpg

Wi-Fi Plaque

Gold Thai Buddha Double Tealgiht.jpg

Gold Thai Buddha Double Tealgiht

Hedgehog Door Stop.jpg

Hedgehog Door Stop

Fluted LED Marker Light 10 pk.jpg

Fluted LED Marker Light 10 pk

Kitchen/cooking tools

Ceramic Hob Scraper Cleaner Professional



Plastic sink strainers 2 pk.jpg

Plastic sink strainers 2 pk

Jar and Bottle 4 in 1 opener.jpg

Jar and Bottle 4 in 1 opener

pet related products

Pet Cooling Mat.jpg

Pet Cooling Mat


Self Warming Pet Bed

Munch & Crunch Dental Sticks 7pk.jpg

Munch & Crunch Dental Sticks 7pk

Reserved for the Dog Cushion.jpg

Reserved for the Dog Cushion

Body/skin products

Angled Toe-nail scissors and clippers

Foot Powder.jpg

Foot Powder

Thistle & Black Pepper ETD.jpg

Thistle & Black Pepper ETD

Sea Kelp Hand Wash

comfort products

HOME Sparkle Throw Ochre.jpg

HOME Sparkle Throw Ochre

Star King.jpg

Star Double

HOME Sparkle Cushion Charcoal.jpg

HOME Sparkle Cushion Charcoal

Waffle Towel Bale Jive Ochre.jpg

Waffle Towel Bale Jive Ochre

Need an extra £50 to £500 per week?

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