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the 45 year plan

We are not told about this at school!

We are told to go to school, get some qualifications, then get a stable job, and a good solid career.

However based on an independent survey of 65 year olds that were interviewed at retirement age (whatever that is these days), here's what the statistics say.

45 year plan does not guarantee Financial Freedom

It is most unusual these days to actually have a job for life in fact and its more likely that part way through any career, there maybe hiccups in terms of redundancy or reorganisation, that will divert you off the nice straight line shown.


Then, after 45 years, we are expected to retire having fallen off the cliff edge of income, whereby our income overnight drops by maybe 2 thirds of what it was. And we weren’t exactly well off on the full salary, so how are we expected to even survive on 1 third of it!


Our alternative plan means that you will have to give up some of your free time (if you have any) but only 10 to 15 hours a week flexibly around what you do.


However, following a duplicatable system for 5 to 10 years, working with like minded individuals, will produce an exponential curve graph, similar to the one shown. 


It will take time and effort and you may actually have to work harder on yourself than you have ever worked on anything in your life before, but it will be worth it and you will be working alongside some of the most ambitious, friendly and talented people in the industry.


Who knows? Maybe you even have some fresh innovative original ideas to bring to the party that will even speed your own journey and that of everyone associated with you!


Wealth warning!


However don’t be misled into thinking that this is an easy way to make a lot of money whilst sitting around and waiting for the pounds or euros to come through the door!


You will be tested and challenged from day one and if you have any reservations or fears about coming out of your comfort zone then maybe this is not for you. However if you are willing to have a go and give it all you have got and aim to become the best version of yourself that you can be, then maybe we need to talk.


The business is actually one of the simplest retail operations out there, and when combined with the power of word of mouth and Internet advertising, and using the tools of Network Marketing or what we call The People's Business, we provide all the Coaching you will need. The only question though is will you pass the selection process, as we get more and more picky about who we work with as we move up the pay plan.


So, what life do you choose?


old man happy life


old man sad paying bills

If its option 1, keep in mind there are other ways of becoming financially independent. However, if you want to achieve your independence through the methodology we use here, contact us!

If its option 2, please do not feel bad. Just move on. The world is full of different people and that is what makes it so beautifully diverse. Remember: The happy things in life come from the small day to day gestures, healthy relationships and enjoying what you currently have.

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