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Independently distribute every day essential products from our entire range covering cleaning products through home utilities / decorations and more.

Earn a massive 25% retail profit on all your customer orders with extra volume bonuses for exceeding targets and a residual income from successful team building.

Create a loyal customer base in your neighbourhood by delivering catalogues and managing distribution of products. Online retailing Opportunities are also available for the right person.

Build a team of distributors (if you wish to) and help them to copy what you do. To do this you will need to provide the right level of passion, enthusiasm and as Les Brown so eloquently says:

Growing a business takes both time and productive effort, as well as commitment and persistence.

Income can increase exponentially, once the business is built, and when you have found and helped some key leaders that also want to build. 

Income in the early days is dependent on the amount of effort you put into the retailing side, and of course the results you get. But you are paid exactly what you are worth!

Allow at least 3 to 6 months of persistent, consistent (productive) effort working around what you already do, to minimise risk. Then grow your income to a level where you are earning at least twice what you earn from your current day job. Then you have choices, either keep doing both, or focus more on your business and reduce your day job hours.

A minimum of 10 to 15 productive hours,  committed to the business for it to grow at a healthy speed.

You are free to work as many hours a week as you want to put into the business. Your income will be directly proportional to the amount of effort that you put in, but always based on the actual results you produce. If you choose to take on the optional Team Building side, your income is then also based on how well you support, coach and mentor the people that you help to succeed, and again that is only through the results they generate. In other words by helping others to succeed you will also succeed.

Incomes can grow exponentially once the business has been built, through helping others to succeed, and there is no limit here. However don't be misled into thinking that this can be done without personal development and coaching and mentoring.

You can increase your productivity by working smart by following a duplicatable system, not just hard. Here in Ezeget you will be coached to do just that, but we will be working at your own pace as it is your business!

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